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Looking for Medical Cannabis Doctors & Clinics in Australia?

The Australian Federal Government has begun issuing licenses to allow for the cultivation and sale medical cannabis, however, patient access remains limited and challenging.

Welcome to our free cannabis doctor directory service that ultimately aims to connect patients with medical cannabis doctors or medical cannabis clinics in Australia. If you are a medical cannabis patient who is looking for a medical cannabis doctor Australia who can prescribe medical marijuana for your ailment you have come to the right place.

The Medical Cannabis Doctors Australia Directory assists patients to identify clinics and doctors able to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to patients if certain conditions are met. In order to be a licensed medical cannabis doctor, the prescriber must be a medical practitioner that specialises in the disease that will potentially be treated by medical cannabis. Additional pathways to access medical cannabis are also available via the Authorised prescriber scheme. If you would like to list your service with us please check out our brochure and get in touch to discuss our range of flexible options.

Educational Resources for Medical Cannabis Doctor Australia

In addition to the difficulties to accessing medical cannabis products and cannabis doctors able to prescribe, there is also a large amount of misinformation on the internet around medical cannabis in general. We are aiming to become Australia’s most trusted site for medical cannabis information. Our articles have been painstakingly fact-checked against the latest academic literature to ensure only factual information is provided. Examples of the high-quality literature reviews we provide, absolutely free of charge, are provided below.

Includes topics such as what is the endocannabinoid systemendocannabinoid deficiency syndrome, how hemp products can influence the endocannabinoid system, and why the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is not taught at most medical schools. Furthermore, our scholars have conjured up first in class information on the most common misconceptions of Cannabidiol CBD and other cannabinoids.  

An increasing number of Australian medical cannabis doctors are prescribing cannabis products that are bringing real benefits to people’s life quality. If you are looking for this service search our directory to find medical cannabis clinics or prescribing cannabis doctors. Additionally, this site also encourages independent cannabis clinic reviews to assist others in deciding what service they should use.

Help us to bring about meaningful transparency to allow medical cannabis doctors in Australia the freedom to do what they do best – heal people. Click here for the latest medical cannabis news.  

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