Are you interested in becoming a prescribing medical cannabis doctor Australia?

We at Medical Cannabis Doctors Australia are delighted to announce that due to increased demand for medicinal cannabis products in Australia we are actively seeking new doctors and GPs who would like to partner with us. We are developing in partnership with Kaizen Digital a world class platform that integrates high quality medical cannabis training materials for doctors with automated appointment booking and built in telehealth consultation technology. We embrace partnerships with our doctors that lead to win win outcomes with patients.

Medicinal cannabis in Australia is evolving quickly and there are currently significant opportunities for health professionals who seek to provide better patient care than simply prescribing opioids and other potentially harmful pharmaceuticals. If you would like to know more about becoming a cannabis prescribing GP get in touch with us so we can assist.

Educating medicinal cannabis doctors in Australia

As mentioned above we are developing a fully online, world class medical cannabis training program for doctors. You can  get a small  taste of what we offer by browsing some of the free resources available on this website. These offer a very brief and general overview of some of the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis, while the actual courses we will soon be releasing delve far more deeply into these matters and include guest lectures from some of the world’s leading cannabis doctors and scientists.

We aim to grow our  medical cannabis doctor Australia partnerships to broaden our footprint across the country and now is the perfect time to explore this ancient medicine that has the potential to  assist with a wide range of ailments in modern contexts.

Our Vision – Powering medical cannabis telehealth clinics across Asia Pacific

Despite the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis being known for thousands of years, doctors are not taught about even the basics such as the endocannabinoid system at medical school. In addition, doctors who wish to prescribe it in Australia are confused and unclear about the process to become authorised prescribers. Furthermore, doctors are notoriously time poor and reluctant to take on projects that require more work.

Cannabis Education Technology (CET) proprietary solution

Our turnkey proprietary platform uses cutting edge technology and enables education and training, consultation and prescription in one streamlined access point. The platform includes integrated:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) with world class education materials
  • Built in technology enabling telehealth consultations
  • Automated appointment booking
  • Autopilot operations
  • A network of unique and customisable websites in the space for clinics and individual doctors

Growth potential

  • By mid 2020 there were an estimated 50,000 medical patients in Australia.
  • In July 2020, there were more than 5,000 new patient approvals, which represented a 20% month on month increase.
  • Opportunities across Asia Pacific, particularly in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand


If you want to know about partnering with medical cannabis doctors Australia, please contact us via the form on this website. We are looking forward to hearing from you